Yorkshire Area MASC February 2021

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Yorkshire Area MASC February 2021

by Mark T Boldry

Dear All..

I don’t know about you, but this Lockdown is offering opportunities as well as the depressive side of things…

We’ve done a little on Anita’s Sprite in the last few weeks, mainly paintwork as it was getting a bit tired after being repainted 15 years ago, I have to say, it looks fantastic now… Next step is to get the rear bumper off and re-chromed.

I’ve done nothing on my Speedwell Blue Frogeye except to chase some parts ready for me to fit when I get the car out of storage.

My Cherry Red (ex Heartbeat) Frogeye is due to come back to me this Spring. I’ve had it out on loan to a friend in Nottinghamshire for over 5 years and he’s now in the position to buy something for himself.

I’ve also spent a lot of time sorting out LOTS of old car spares including many parts for Midgets and Sprites… I’m happy to help out members should you need anything, please ASK…

What I have done in this last Lockdown is to get lots of small jobs done on our 1938 MG TA (yes, it’s a Midget). It started with just wanting to replace the wiring harness, but has, as you’d predict, escalated into a LOT more being done. I have to remember we restored this car nearly 40 years ago, so there are things that need attention again…

We had an ‘Area’ Zoom meeting a few months ago and I said at the time, I would put another one together… Sadly, I haven’t got around to it, so my apologies… We could put another together should enough interest be shown…

What a wonderful surprise when reading through the latest MASCOT.. A good number of New Members including a few in our area… We’d welcome your contact…

Talking of Contact, I occasionally am in touch with members, but I can’t ring you all… However, I’m happy for any of you to call me for a chat.. If you do call me, please no later than 8.00 pm. My number is 07471 606060… Let’s share some enthusiasm…!

As you will undoubtedly know, all the major events in the first half of this year have sadly been cancelled or postponed. However, Midget 60 https://www.midgetandspriteclub.com/?page_id=20287 still looks to be hanging on in there, so PLEASE support it if you can.. I know a LOT of hard work has gone into the event so far; it’ll be devastating if it has to be wasted due to Covid.

Another event that sadly clashes with Midget 60 is the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival https://ymsf.net which itself promises to be an excellent event (A Goodwood in the North). Located at Meltham, which is just north of Holmfirth on 25/27th June with the Competition Hill Climb on the Sat/Sun.. Spoilt for choice and I know I’ll be planning to go to both if I can… Fortunately, they are geographically quite close together…

I know that all of you will be doing various things to your Spridgets, some just checking on them whilst in Winter storage, some of you embarking on complete rebuilds.. I can’t believe how many cars have been dragged out of long term storage and are being brought back to life again…

It’s amazing what you find on your doorstep, when I bought my (now Speedwell Blue) Sprite, I had to walk 10 minutes from home to view / buy it, yet I had never known of its existence… Between Christmas and New Year this year, I came across another, five minutes drive from my parents home near York, a lovely 1960 Mk1 Sprite (Ex South Africa, so NO rust)… The guy was selling it and it wasn’t expensive at £17k.. I think it has probably gone by now, but should anyone be interested, I’ll follow it up..

Also.. If someone is looking for a big project, but one which has significant heritage and is a matching numbers car, but needs a LOT of time and VERY rigid attention to detail. Please contact me as I’m considering selling my MG Midget Mk1 Pre Production car chassis number: GAN101, built August 1960 … It’s not for the faint hearted and it’s not cheap, but it’s all there plus some parts that I’ve bought along the way.

That’s all for now, Anita and I are really looking forward to life getting back to normal and catching up with you all again soon… Until then, stay safe and keep up the great work with your cars.. ☺

Mark & Anita.

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