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by Terry Horler

Hello fellow Mascavites,

I hope you are all keeping well and staying sane during this continuing pandemic. Not sure that I am as I have to decided to sell my multi shades of red Frogeye Sprite. Yes, its the ‘wind up’ Frogeye that I have owned since 1979.

Well known throughout the club, my Frogeye always draws attention, most of you will know why!  Anyway, impending loss of storeage space means that I have to reduce my Spriting footprint on South Gloucestershire. I would love to see my Sprite go a local new owner, so that I might see it again, rather than vanish altogether off my radar. Hence, I am giving Masc Bristol members a head start before it hits Mascot and the world at large. There is far too much to say about my Sprite to go into here. Just bung me a email for further info or phone number.


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