Zoom meeting 8pm 2nd Feb

Message sent by Gavin Rowles Rowles

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Zoom meeting 8pm 2nd Feb

by Gavin Rowles Rowles

Hello all.  I’ve had my lesson with Dave Colclough and he has suggested his presence on the first meeting might be helpful. Some points which could be of use should like me you be unused to Zoom as follows:-

  1. You will need an account from Zoom.is  This is staight forward to set up.  
  2.  I will send 2 links out to you all about  7.30pm.  Clicking on both should gain you access.
  3. Zoom works on all platforms. If you encounter any problems it is likely your PC/tablet/phone/laptop will need your settings amended in preferences.
  4. Upon entering Zoom make sure your microphone and camera are set to on.
  5. If you can’t gain access  give me a phone call on 01372457172 and I’ll see if Dave can help you. I hope to see you all next Tuesday.  Regards Gavin.