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by Terry Horler

Hello fellow Mascavites,

At last, we have good cause to be optimistic about the way ahead. No doubt there will be much scheming and plotting in dark corners on how we will rejoin life as we used to know it. For sure, we will not be speculating on this and will remain on the safe and sensible side of caution in the meantime.

Once again, abusing my privileged position as your area rep, I use this opportunity to offer you, my fellow local members, stuff what is getting in my way. No silly prices, make me an offer, give me a laugh and take it away, we have –    Windscreen in frame with pillars 1964 onwards                                                  Frogeye carbs HI on manifold and air filters                                                        Box of HS2 carbs and bits, manifolds etc.                                                            Frogeye doors                                                                                                      Original cast iron exhaust manifold 1964 onwards

Loss of storage means I am fighting for space so no silly prices but you will need to collect.

Stay safe, stay well, stay patient, we will soon be picking holes in each others Spridgley things and ideas again soon(ish).

Terry    07745742133

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