Wiltshire MASC Meeting – March 25th

Message sent by Geraint Swann-Price

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Wiltshire MASC Meeting – March 25th

by Geraint Swann-Price

MASC Wiltshire – March Update.

Hi everyone. This is your last minute reminder that it is our monthly social night on Monday, from around 7 PM, at the Barge Inn at Seend. Everyone is very welcome, and if you come early we can eat together; the food is pretty good. We love to see new faces too, and even encourage non-car chat too, if you can keep it clean and avoid the B word.

As I write I am on my way back from the NEC, the Practical Classics restoration show, where we’ve had a busy and tiring day. (I’m not driving!) The MASC stand was well attended, and I caught up with a few good friends there. I have been using the prototype roller clutch release bearing, the 1098 version , so I could give him feedback on that. It works well so far, nice and smooth. At the show I also got an insurance quote from Carole Nash, (£108, including breakdown, which seemed reasonable) and for just getting the quote I got 5 litres of decent Classic 20/50 oil, free. Can’t be bad.

Many more tales to tell, but they can wait. As I’m feeling flushed, maybe I’ll be at the bar and shake the moths out of my wallet on Monday, so see you there!