Area Rep

This page provides you with access to a number of tools to help with your role as Area Rep.

Send emails

to send an email to all people on your area’s mailing list.

Mailing List

A list of people on your mailing list, which includes area reps, committee members and anyone who has requested to be included. The sort sequence can be changed by clicking on the column header.

Mailing Log

Show the results of your mailings. For each email sent using your mailing list, a record shows how many reached their target and which ones had a problem.

Area Members

A list of all members based in your area. You can use this list to send an email to an individual member.

Area Page

To update the content of your Area’s page on the MASC website.


To add events for your area, and for inclusion on the Club’s calendar.


Useful information for Area Reps


• When a new member joins the club, a club area is assigned by calculating the distance between their postcode and the post code of your area. That is not always the best area, so the Area Liaison reviews each new member and can alter the assigned area if appropriate. If there is someone on your list who should be in a different area or if someone should be in your area, please let the Membership Secretary or Area Liaison know.

• When a member is assigned to your area, the system will automatically send them an email from you.  You will also get an email informing you of the new member.

• Our system is fully GDPR and UK Anti Spam regulation compliant and a member may choose to unsubscribe, if they do so this will be handled automatically and they will not receive further emails.

• When your area page is displayed on the website, it will automatically display the next 5 events for your area.