Midget and Sprite Club COVID-19 Guidance 31st July 2020

Midget and Sprite Club COVID-19 Guidance 31st July 2020

The latest advice from the government has been update again, with new guidance relating to providers of outdoor facilities on the phased return of sport and recreation in England. However, the guidance for meetings indoors or in public places, such as pubs and restaurants, remains unchanged.

Pubs, Restaurants and Cafés

The regulations allowing pubs, restaurants and cafés to re-open have not been changed, making our club meetings held in these venues difficult as they still have to comply with restrictions to enforce social distancing. Many venues are operating a pre-book only policy and all venues will be required to record the personal details of anyone entering their premises.

The Government guidelines still make the following points:

To avoid risks of transmission and to stay as safe as possible, you should always maintain social distancing with people you do not live with – indoors and outdoors, including in the settings below. You should:

  • only socialise indoors with members of up to two households – this includes when dining out or going to the pub
  • only socialise outdoors in a group of up to six people from different households, or in larger groups if everyone is exclusively from one or two households
  • only visit businesses and venues in groups of up to two households or with a group of six people from different households if outdoors
  • limit your interaction with anyone outside the group you are attending these places with even if you see other people you know, for example, in a restaurant, community centre or place of worship

Given these restrictions remain in place at the current time, MASC advises all areas to continue to cancel pub meetings and indoor gatherings, until further notice.

Outdoor organised events

However the changes for organised outdoor events mean that many events are now taking place with some venues running or advertising small scale events. The restrictions have been eased to allow small scale events to be organised by businesses, professional organisations and public bodies, but the restrictions on gatherings organised by private individuals are still limited in law to 30 people. These events mostly require individuals to pre-book and are limited in numbers attending.

Given these changes MASC feel that members should be able to arrange to attend events if they comply with the Government guidelines. If MASC members attend such gatherings, they do so at their own risk and should satisfy themselves that the business, venue or organiser has put in the necessary infrastructure, social distancing, track and trace and hygiene measures to comply with the regulations for hospitality venues.

The committee feel that if the Covid Secure Guidelines are followed Areas can now organise outdoor events for members to take part in. This might be meeting up to travel to another event or an event organised specifically for members.

For your own safety ensure that any gathering is COVID-19 Secure.

However, as regional outbreaks occur, (such as seen early this summer in Leicester) local guidance may also change on a regional basis. So, members should also check with their local authorities for advice specific to their area of the country.

Government Guidelines

It’s therefore vitally important that club members act responsibly and follow government guidance for your area, as tighter lockdown measures could very quickly return following a second spike if guidelines are not followed

The government guidelines on meeting up with people are clear:

  • England
  • It is against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place except where specified in the Regulations. Those regulations allow venues, businesses, professional organisations and public bodies following COVID-19 secure guidelines to host larger groups. This is provided they take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of transmission, in line with COVID-19 Secure guidance and including completion of a risk assessment. Any other privately organised gathering in an outdoor space must not be any larger than 30 people except where specified in the Regulations. Social clubs must remain closed.
  • Those operating venues or running events following COVID-19 Secure guidelines should take additional steps to ensure the safety of the public and prevent mass gatherings or large events from taking place.
  • If attending a venue that is following COVID-19 Secure guidelines, you should take care to limit your interactions with anyone outside of your group and you should continue to maintain social distancing from those that you do not live with. It is critical that you follow these guidelines to keep both yourself and others safe.
  • Two households are now able to meet indoors and people from those two households are allowed to stay the night. Those two households have to maintain social distancing throughout, unless they are in a support bubble with each other.
  • Meetings indoors of more than two households are not recommended; because of the higher risk of infection that meeting indoors poses. Households can meet with multiple numbers of other households, as long as each is a separate meeting.
  • Outdoors, people from multiple households can meet in groups of up to six.
  • For full advice visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-on-phased-return-of-sport-and-recreation/guidance-for-providers-of-outdoor-facilities-on-the-phased-return-of-sport-and-recreation
  • Scotland

For the latest advice for Scotland, please consult:


  • Wales

For the latest advice for Wales, please consult: https://gov.wales/coronavirus

  • Northern Ireland

For the latest advice for Northern Ireland, please consult: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/coronavirus-covid-19

You as an individual

MASC sees no reason not to use your historic vehicle individually, as long as it is safe to do so.

Don’t forget:

  • Check your vehicle over carefully if it’s not been used for a while, paying particular attention to tyres and brakes.
  • If you previously declared your historic vehicle as being on SORN to the DVLA, be sure to update it before taking to the road where applicable.
  • If you didn’t renew your insurance policy during lockdown, do it right away.
  • If your vehicle needs one, do you have an MOT? The six month extension only applies to cars that were due an MOT after 30th March 2020 and before 1st August. Extensions are granted in the seven days before the expiry date. After August 1st, you will be required to renew your MOT upon it’s expiry as normal.

The committee will continue to monitor advice from the Government and the FBHVC and will issue further guidance when it is appropriate.