Regional – Devon

After a last minute email to those parties who had expressed interest in attended the rebirth of the Devon branch I set off to Moretonhampstead with that feeling that not many would be there and that they would be ‘a bit odd’ if they turned up anyway. The venue was The Union Inn, chosen as I had used it to meet Alan and Rosemary Couch from Heart of England Area who were in the area and offered to meet and explain how they ran their branch and offer thoughts  and ideas. A friendly welcome from the bar staff and lovely meal sealed the venue as a base for our future meetings.

As I walked towards the venue I recognised a familiar face, no less than Richard Boobier from Somerset who had emailed me earlier to say he was in the area and could he pop in as well,  accompanied by his cousin Bob. A quick glance around the bar showed we had chosen a popular night, and with nothing to go on, any or all of the assembled people could be  Spridgeteers. After Richard received a bit of verbal for asking for bitter – the barrel was empty  and it needed swapping!! and being firmly told that you can only have food if you are at a table and anyway it’s a long wait – we felt relieved when a table became vacant and we retreated to lick wounds and catch up since Midget 50.

The next to join us was John Collinson who saw my MASC cap on the table and we were four. As talk of Spridgets cut the air the table next to us suddenly realised we all as one. Martin and Janet Sidebotham, Peter and Sue Knightley and Phil Dent increased the throng to be joined soon after by Mike Shaw. The next 2 hours or so were spent chatting, swapping tips  or tales of daring do – John for one! – until I called all to order to sort out where we go from here. A majority decision saw a change of venue to The Dartmoor Lodge, Ashburton. A bigger car park and possibly friendlier bar staff – also curry night on Wednesday’s !! If anyone is in the area please feel free to pop in and join us – I hope to be taking Blackie for the journey to  south Devon, as I did to this one, but as John was clear to point out there was only one Spridget there for the first meeting. Now whose was it again???

Until next time – happy spridgeteering.

Area rep:  Position Currently Vacant