Many thanks to Alan Anstead for this index to the articles in MASCOT


Securing your Spridget Anthony Cutler January
Your starter (motor) for ten Ian Cooke January
Automatic bleed valves Alan Anstead January
Hydraulic Frogeye bonnet struts Dave Sewell January
Improving horn electrical circuit Dr John.E.Davies January
Electric Fan – a good idea or what Mark Boldly February
Crankshaft rear seal & speedisleeves Mike Bennett February
Timing cover centralising tool Steve Keil February
Headlamp flasher for early Spridgets Dr J.E.Davies March
Wishbones (fitting 2nd grease nipple Steve Keil March
Boot-lid mounted spare wheel David Gray April
Braking News – Frogeye drums to discs Dave Sewell April
Dynamo to Dynamator (alternator) Alan Anstead April
A dazzle-dimmer for Frogeyes Dr John.E.Davies April
Balance of prop shaft Anthony Cutler May
Rocker shaft upgrade Steve Keil May
Crankcase pressure pulses Geraint Swann-Price May
Letters re Crankcase pulses Various June
Bleedin’ Hell (clutch slave mods) Alan Anstead July
3D ignition Geri Swann-Price July
Pitfalls of fitting alloy wheels Mike Barker August
Hazard Warning – the early cars (1) Dr John.E.Davies August
Securing your Spridget Anthony Cutler August
Bolt & Screw reduction jig Steve Keil August
Hazard Warning – the early cars (2) Dr John.E.Davies September
Radiator connection remedy Steve Keil October
Roller Release bearings for 1275’s Alan Anstead October
Upgrading to modern indicator LED bulbs Clive Seager October
Frogeye Boot Closer Michael Upton November
LED indicator bulbs Clive Seager November
Enabling daytime running lights Dr J.E.Davies November
Dynamo Pully extractor Nigel Baston November
Starter Motor fitment Steve Keil November
Hood Frame Repair Steve Keil November


A Shocking situation Alan Anstead January
Pull a wishbone Alan Anstead February
Battery cut out John.E.Davies February
Bleed valves / indicator buzzer Alan Anstead March
Refurbishing lever arm dampers Malcolm Chevalier April
More on Early Fuel gauges Phil Sellen April
Tilting engine lifter Steve Keil May
Supplementary Oil Seal Steve Keil May
Early ignition switch clamp Alan Anstead May
Wishbone Faults (letters P37) Alan Anstead May
Good quality suspension wishbones Alan Anstead June
Remote bleed system Alan Anstead June
On bleeding the clutch Dr John.E.Davies July
Bent wheel studs Steve Keil July
Oil Temperature sensor installation Steve Keil August
Fuel vaporisation issues Mike Barker August
Wishbones update Alan Anstead August
More on slave cylinders Clive Seager October
Make a blast cabinet Steve Keil October
Wiper motor overhaul Alan Anstead October
Toward safer brake lights Dr John.E.Davies November
Improving the horn circuit Pt1 Dr John.E.Davies December


Door Sill Drains Alan Anstead January
Defending Dynamos: Part 4 John E. Davies February
MLS (Multi Layer Steel) High Performance
Alan Anstead February
Side Tappet Chest Covers Philip Sellen March
Early Fuel Gauges Dr J.E.Davies April
Lightening the 1500 Midget Rubber Bumpers Maurice Pyman April
Case Study – Early Fuel Gauges (2) John E. Davie May
First Engine Rebuild Oliver Wilkinson May
Fuel Gauges Part 3 John E. Davie June
King Pin Needle Roller Thrust Washer Steve Kei June
Early Ignition Switch Clamp Clive Seager July
Electric Windscreen Washer for Frogeye Ron Corry July
Reconditioning Steering Rack inner Ball Joint Steve Keil July
Restoration of Crankshaft Pulley Steve Keil July
Handbrake Rod Modification Alan Anstead August
Modified Timing Chain Cover Alan Anstead August
Vyback Rear Windows BLMC Tech” sheet August
Heater Taps Rob Rose August
Rebound straps Clive Seager August
Gudgeon pin removal Steve Keil September
Rear brake clips John.E.Davies October


Sump Baffles Steve Keil January
Sump Repair Steve Keil February
Adjustable Oil Pressure relief valve Steve Keil February
In Defence of Dynamos Dr J.E.Davies March
Forward hinged bonnet Mike Pearson March
Front Wheel Bearings Graeme Williams March
Indicator relay Alan Anstead March
Flywheel Brake Alan Anstead March
Optimise Handbrake Philip Sellen April
Replacement rubber seals Steve Keil April
Rear brake adjusters Steve Keil May
MGB & A60 Shock Absorbers Alan Anstead May
Defending Dynamos Dr J.E.Davies May
Blind Nuts Steve Keil June
Defending Dynamos Dr J.E.Davie August
Bleeding a Sebring Clutch Alan Anstead September
Heater pipework connections Steve Keil October
Nuts, Bolts, and washers Dr J.E.Davies October
Steering Rack pinion seal retainer Nigel Baston October
Brake Caliper Piston Orientation Adjustment Steve Keil December


Bodgers guide to un-seize engine Egan January
Midget 1500 throttle mods Colllins January
Refurbish door hinges (1) Keil March
Brake light switches revisited Davies March
Midget 1500 throttle mods again Shipton March
Refurbish door hinges (2) Keil April
A.C. Y-type mechanical fuel pump Anstead April
Rubber Refurbishment Keil May
Brake light switches revisited Fergus May
Windscreen washer Harding June
Early dynamos Davies June
A Series Oil ways Keil July
1275 Clutch roller release bearing Anstead July
Oil Catch Tank Untitled August
Tank sender access Anstead August
Homemade bellhousing Anstead August
Gearbox front seal Keil September
Vapour Lock Anstead October
Crankcase Breather Keil October
Steering wheel diameters Davies October
Heater Valve Keil November
Steering column connection Keil December
Clutch release bolt security Davies December
More on Vapour locks Horler December
Sidelight illumination & back plate design Sellen December
Battery Post security Keil December


Fitting brake shoe return springs Mather January
Notifying DVLA of year of Mnfctr FBHVC January
Frogeye sidescreen refurbishment Dent March
Locost Rotisserie Mather March
Propshaft install update Davies April
Fuel Tank sender units Sellen April
LSD upgrade Thomas May
Engine Removal Anstead June
Oil Catch Tank Rowe July
Quarter Elliptic Springs and wedges Anstead October
Faulty dip switch Barney Gaylord October
Electrical Earthing Mather November
Revcounter gearbox Davies December
Rear Hubs (leaking oil) Anstead December


Fitting brake shoe return springs Mather January
Notifying DVLA of year of Mnfctr FBHVC January
Frogeye sidescreen refurbishment Dent March
Locost Rotisserie Mather March
Propshaft install update Davies April
Fuel Tank sender units Sellen April
LSD upgrade Thomas May
Engine Removal Anstead June
Oil Catch Tank Rowe July
Quarter Elliptic Springs and wedges Anstead October
Faulty dip switch Barney Gaylord October
Electrical Earthing Mather November
Revcounter gearbox Davies December
Rear Hubs (leaking oil) Anstead December


Fixing oil leaks Davies February
Rear scroll oil leak Davies March
Ignition Coil Gibbins March
Frogeye Washer Bottle Holder Anstead April
Under Bonnet Tool Box Anstead April
Fuel Stability Tests (E10 Fuel) FBHVC May
Under Bonnet Tool Box – alternative option Plumb May
Converting to Electric Power Bernett May
Shock absorber faults Clark June
Bonnet Hinge Green June
Rotor Arms & Condensors (orig May 2009 Anstead June
Lead Loading Anstead July
Rear Axle Repair Anstead July
Engine Tilt Davies July
Trackace wheel alignment kit Williams October
Rust Cleaning using electrolyis Vass October
Fitting rear crankshaft seal Anstead October
Tilt a lift (engine lifting accessory) Davies October
On the blink (flasher unit) Horler November
Molegrip Vice Anstead November
New Tyre Labels December


Spridget Colour Schemes 1500 Midgets Reprint January
Wrapped up for Winter Sellen January
Nil February
Cleaning leather seats Lodge March
Kingpins Anstead April
Bootracks Ward-Sale May
Ignition Anstead May
Master cylinder replacement Anstead May
Oil relief valve Mills May
Five speeds for a (IOW) Frogeye Anstead June
Replica parts particularly brake light switches Davies June
Chassis repair Gilbert June
Alternator conversion Anstead July
Speeds and ratios Cooke August
Bigger brakes – the sort you dont want Horler September
BMW 5 Speed conversion Hunter September
Lowering front of 1500 Goose November
BMW 5 Speed conversion update Schattner November
Condenser to Capacitor Langley December


Oil change for beginners Anstead February
Track day preparation Andrews February
Gas struts for bonnets (Frogeyes) Hunter February
Which choke cable (for year / type) Rob February
Diff rear axle oil change for beginners Anstead March
Crossflow thermostat housings Stapleton March
Basic Oil Changing Horler April
(Water) Pumps aint what they used to be Green April
Door mirror upgrade Plumb April
Accelerator Return Spring Fitting Flack May
Simple Additional fan fitting Hunter May
Restoring the windscreen of early Mk1 Sprite Dybilow June
Spridget ski holders Trevorrow July
What does it do : SU carb dashpot oil Reprint July
Accelerator Cable tips Leib / Young August
Fly off Handbrake Conversion Ingall September
Spridget Colour Schemes MK2 Sp & Mk1 MG Reprint September
Spridget Colour Schemes Mk3 Sp & Mk2 MG Reprint October
On removing the engine / gearbox Davies October
Polybush Frogeye rear spring Anstead November
LED bulbs untitled November
Spridget Colour Schemes Mk4 Sp & Mk3 MG Reprint November
Spridget Colour Schemes Mk4 Sp & Mk3 MG Reprint December
Dizzy rebuild Lee Hull December


Lucas RB106 (7) Davies January
Rubber bumper to chrome conversion January
Problem Solvers (1) NAMGB reprint February
20 ways to improve midget February
Track days for dummies North February
Lucas RB106 (8) Davies February
Problem Solvers (2) Engine March
Dual Master cylinder Lucas part TRWPMA703 Flack March
Castrol Classic Oils Castrol March
Problem Solvers (3) Steering April
Problem Solvers (4) Fuel May
Rotar arms & condensors Anstead May
Problem Solvers (5) Electrics June
Problem Solvers (6) Clutch July
M.O.T. Shake test. Vosa / Fbhvc comments August
Problem Solvers (7) Cooling August
Shocking Business (Dampers) Horler September
Ethanol Fuels / Scrappage FBHVC September
Glass Dating October
Fitting bonnet struts Anstead December
From Oval to round Anstead December


Early twin bore master cylinders (1) Davies January
Early twin bore master cylinders (2) Davies February
Early twin bore master cylinders (3) Davies March
Frogeye dashboard refurb Uwins May
Lucas RB106 (1) Davies June
Lucas RB106 (2) Davies July
Lucas RB106 (3) Davies September
5 speed for frogeye Anstead September
Lucas RB106 (4) Davies October
Concentric slave cylinder Mohan October
Lucas RB106 (5) Davies November
Variable oil pressure relief Anstead November
Lucas RB106 (6) Davies December
Battery Testing Mohan December
Vehicle Registration Scheme Horler December
Want to build a Lenham Sprite uncredited December


Remote Clutch bleed Anstead January
Posidrive Screws Flack January
Technical Hints Flack January
Fuses Cogman January
Up or down instrument lights Davies February
rear seat cushion Davies April
Carry a child (legal) Anstead May
Rocker cover racing Horler June
Gear lever cover colour Davies / Horler June
Fit a 5 speed P.c.reprint July
Early tacho gear and pulley ratios Davies July
Notes on a 5 speed conversion Anstead August
Frogeye mods Cornwell September
Moss dynamo alignment Anstead September
Early twin bore master cylinder (1) Davies October
Sebring pedal box Anstead October
Opening the bonnet Davies November
Sprite Models Wright December


Rear Crankshaft oil seal Mohan March
Spin on oil filter Anstead May
Fitting Front Line Suspension Anstead July
Fuel Gauge pick n mix Davies July
Tow eyes Anstead August
Mk1 rear spring replacement Anstead September
Mk1 rear spring wedges Anstead October
Vented 4 pot discs Wrigglesworth October
Vented 4 pot discs (2) Wrigglesworth November
Megasquirt ignition PPC reprint December


Indicator buzzer Geoff January
5 speed photos Wizard March
Prop shaft installation Davies June
Engine set up on rolling road Robinson June
Starter Drive Lucas reprint June
5 x 5 speed conversion Anstead August
Propshaft install update Sellen September
Fuel Gauge readings Dodd November
Gear lever rattle Pract Motor rep December


Diff’ bearings March
Alternater as dynamo (Dynalite) Anstead May
Fibreglass hardtop overhaul Reprint May
Install door mechanism May


Article Author Edition
Metro HIF carb fitting Tideswell May
Twin piston brake slave Horler May
Tuning S.U.s Reprint September
Hoist for hardtop Pye October
Fit 1275 hood Horler October
Dynamo to Alternator Pye October
Race harness fitment October
Seat belt fitment November
Calculating Mph / Rpm December
Later pedal box for frogeye Pye December