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Frogeye TOOL / SPARES kit..


Here's one to get you thinking during these Lockdown Times.

I'm looking to make-up an emergency tool / spares kit, to carry in my 1960 Frogeye.

Ideally the contents of which, should be sufficient to cover most 'roadside repairs'.

(But hopefully never required to be used.)

Suggestions for contents of kit, tool selection, sizes, spare parts etc. would be very helpful.

At one end of the scale, a pair of pliers, a couple of spanners and a bit of ingenuity may suffice.

On the other hand one could stuff most of ones garage tools etc. in the boot!

Bearing in mind the weight, volume and usefulness of any tools / spares, there must a compromise.

So, emergency kit suggestions most welcome please.


Hi Philip

Over the years I have carried a small bag with tools and spares (see photos).

Have 'broken down' a few times and have always managed to fix the problem with these basic tools etc.  But never had to use the spares YET!

Here is the list: TOOLS: Grips, Flat screwdriver, small Screwdriver, Screwdriver handle and bits, Feeler Gauge, Odd string, wire and emery cloth (points),Bag of odd nuts, bolts and washers etc., 6 sockets (incl Wheel Nut Socket) plus sparkplug socket with handle and extension, Small Adj Spanner, Longnose Pliers, Small Pliers, Various useful small open ended spanners, Set of Open/Ring Spanners (English).  Plus what is not in the photo...Bottle Jack and Handle, Torch, Cloths and Gloves, Handbook (in door pocket), Spare Wheel, Yellow safety vests (in door pocket).

SPARES: Coil, Fan Belt, Thermostat, Points, Rotor Arm, Spark Plugs, Silicon Sealant and Light Bulbs (in door pocket)….maybe a condenser would be useful (if applicable)  

Hope this helps...will be interested what others think.

Dave Sewell


Dave, fantastic, just the type of reply I had hoped for.  A functional, minimalist selection that does not weigh too much or take up too much space.

Their are a few items there that cover 'ingenuity' requirements, and the yellow vest is sensible. 

If I get a few varying replies, I will compile the 'Ultimate Tool / Spares' kit lists and publish it on the forum. 

Meanwhile, stay safe.....  PhilipW.




Shamefully, (or stupidly) I rarely carry any tools with me, however, when I do, it usually consists of....:

Hi Vis Vest,

Small Hammer

Tyre Lever

Pliers: Regular & Snipe Nose

Vice Grips: Regular and small Snipe Nose 

Lock Wire and Lock Wire Pliers

Wire Cutter / Stripper

7/16”, 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8” Combination spanners

7/16”, 1/2”, 9/16” & 11/16” Sockets, Short Extension and Ratchet (all 3/8” drive)

Small Adjustable Spanner (Imperial size) 😉

Flat Screwdriver

Crosshead Screwdriver

Electrical Screwdriver

Electrical Tester

Roll of Electrical Tape

Roll of Gaffer Tape

Length of Electrical Wire

Small Trolly Jack 

Knock Off Hammer

Light of some description

Piece of fine Wet & Dry Paper

Latex Gloves

Paper Towel

Hand Wipes

Disposable Overalls


Of course, the usual Spark Plugs, HT Lead, Points and Condenser, Rotor Arm and Disc Cap and a Couple of Wheel Nuts.


I’m sure I’d grab a handful of other things too, but the above is comprehensive enough to get you out of most trouble...  I’d always take the above on longer trips.