Bit of a Trormer today

Hi All .

Shelley had an accident in her car today while driving into Preston , She was trapped in the car and fire service where very worried about her back, so after removing the doors, tailgate and roof to get her out , She spent the afternoon in hospital but after many X ray’s ,sent her home to night , a bit battered  and bruised. She had picket up some Green fence paint which was on the car floor in the back , also Cheadle was in the car he is now a lovely shade of Green as the paint when every were and on them both, some kind passers by grabbed him ran into the supermarket for water and worked very hard to clean him up.

Anyway all is well and they are both recovering now in bed. all in all quite a day.



Good morning All.

The umbrella regalia page has been fixed by Mike from some place in the USA .

Don’t be put off by the price on the 4 logo , when you click on BUY the correct price will show and by clicking on your colour choice it will change the picture . hope all is clear now .

Cheers Neil


Good Morning All.

There is a slight glitch in the webpage for ordering the Umbrellas I will try to sort it out today.

But in the meantime it can be accessed by going onto Midget & Sprite club site , Click Regalia , scroll down to umbrella’s click BUY on the small image (2 Logos), the page will open then click on PRODUTS and both the 2 & 4 photos of the umbrellas will appear with the right prices ,By clicking on your colour it will change and you can see what you colour will look like. From then on it is quite straight forward to order.

Sorry for the glitch , Cheers Neil

Umbrellas with club logos

Hi All.

We now have club logos on Golf Umbrellas . If you would like one or more in arrange of colours . Go to the Midget & Sprite Club website click on Regalia and scroll down till you reach Umbrellas, choose your colour and 2 logos @ £19.19 or 4 logos @ £26.39 plus postage . if you do want to order and attend the monthly club meeting you can select collect in store and Ian Feeney has offered to pick them up before the next club meeting as he lives near the printers .If this is the way you order please let me know with you order Number and I will forward  to Ian, <>

This is quite a coo for the North West area club to set this up , It is open to all areas in the country and means we do NOT have to hold any stock and we did not have a setup cost, So a big thanks to Mike Bennett for all his work in setting this up.

Best Regards Neil

Drive It Day Sunday 22nd April 2018

To all those that have booked to go on the Drive It Day Run  (14 cars) We will be meeting at The Kilton Inn , where  Coffee / Tea has been arranged for us before we leave to start the run @ 10-30 am , we must be away on time please as it is about 65miles to Amerton Railway,  where Fraser has a interesting day planed for us . On the return run home we will be calling in for dinner at the newly named Reform Inn ,Where we lunched last year when it was called the Red Lion !!! .

Let us hope for some good weather.

See you on Sunday . Cheers Neil

Cars & Coffee Meeting Sunday 15th April 2018

Hi All.

Just a reminder for those of you that were not at the club meeting last night that this Sunday 15th April , will be a Cars & Coffee meeting at the Kilton Inn on the A50 near Knutsford. This is open to all club and classic / vintage car owners , so if you have friends in other club please put the word out , be great to see a really good turnout . The kilton Inn is putting on Coffee / Tea @ £2 per cup with free refills & will be happy to provide food if required.

Looking forward to you there.

Cheers Neil.

Next Club Meeting

Hello All.

Just a quick reminder next Wednesday is Our Club night at the Kilton Inn, We have quite a few coming events this month with cars & coffee meeting on Sunday 15th April 10am till 1pm, surely we can NOT have a repeat of last month when we were snowed  off , so fingers crossed see you there.

22nd April is Drive It Day, arrangement will be finalized at the meeting and for those doing the run that are not at the meeting, all Info will be email well before the day.

See You on Wednesday.

Cheers Neil



April Club Report ????

Hi All.

Enclosed is a copy of the club report that should have been in this months club Mag but for some reason it was lost in space,  to wonder around for a lifetime in a place unknown to man & woman (not to be sexist)Neil our editor has phoned me tonight,  we are both at a loss at to what has happened to it.

Anyway I have enclosed the report that should have been, hope you enjoy the read. hopefully we might get a double entry next month. like Kent Branch!!!!

Have any of you got something you would like  to report on, feel free to put fingers to the keyboard and send to me for the club Mag .

Cheers Neil

MASC North West Area February 2018 Report

Valentines Day Run on 18th February2018

We had eighteen cars booked to go on our trip meeting up firstly at our club meeting venue at the Kilton Inn where we had arranged with them to serve us coffee and tea. Having exhausted the tea and coffee Pots we all got back into our cars and off we went to enjoy the next part of our day out!. Amazingly this was one of the few dry days in some time, we seemed to be having some luck with the weather for a change.
So off we set on the first leg of our run some 58 miles though some lovely roads, enjoying the sunshine but freezing temperatures . At this point I want to thank Karen and Mike Bennett for organizing our day out which was great and really interesting place the British Ironworks near Oswestry is definitely a place of interest to visit again. Also a thank you to Chris Lee who sorted out the route for the 1st part of the car run. Its always hard work to organise a days run, so Neil and I really do appreciate any offers to put together a route, it doesn’t have to be a long one!.

After about two hours on the road, we arrived at the gates of The British Ironworks, What a wonderful place, the outside was a full size King Kong, statues obviously made of metal, painted in various colours, Reindeer’s, Gorillas, Giraffes, and some beautiful cattle, how life like they all were too I managed to persuade Neil to buy me a wonderful metal owl painted in some vibrant colours! We’ve called him Malpas and he’s residing for the moment in the middle of our dining table, looking very GRAND !

Last part of our journey saw us driving into the Blue cap Restaurant car park to enjoy a nice
meal that we had pre booked. Two hours in the car in cold weather had many of us rushing speedily through the front doors to find the conveniences of the establishment. We soon all settled down and dinner was served, The meal itself was very nice , the staff were friendly and the food itself was hot and well presented . So for us { Neil and I } we had a wonderful day and we are now looking forward to our next trip out too!! We were disappointed that Bernie and Lynne and Val and Graham were not able to come with us on this run, due to illness. Our North West club is certainly being infected by either the Actual flu virus or something very similar, so we may just have to do this run again at some point as there is so much to see I’m sure most of us would like to visit again as we didn’t have time to see it all. Well the weather did hold up to it’s form of late and the rain started just as we left the Blue Cap for our drive home, but what a great day!.

Happy motoring to you all and get well wishes to any of our poorly members we missed you all very much on that trip.
This Valentines run was our first sortie out in our Classics, and we felt Mandy (our green Frog) deserved a big pat on her bonnet having covered 200 miles during the day and never missed a beat, Lets hope for Neil’s sanity she continues to behave so beautifully.

Shelley and Neil McLeod North West Area



Central MASC meeting 4/4/2018

Reminder for the April meeting for the Central area at the Tame Otter, near Tamworth, Staffs, B78 3AF, 8.30pm onwards. We will either be in the room to the left of the bar or the room (snug) to the right of the bar!