Umbrellas with club logos

Hi All.

We now have club logos on Golf Umbrellas . If you would like one or more in arrange of colours . Go to the Midget & Sprite Club website click on Regalia and scroll down till you reach Umbrellas, choose your colour and 2 logos @ £19.19 or 4 logos @ £26.39 plus postage . if you do want to order and attend the monthly club meeting you can select collect in store and Ian Feeney has offered to pick them up before the next club meeting as he lives near the printers .If this is the way you order please let me know with you order Number and I will forward  to Ian, <>

This is quite a coo for the North West area club to set this up , It is open to all areas in the country and means we do NOT have to hold any stock and we did not have a setup cost, So a big thanks to Mike Bennett for all his work in setting this up.

Best Regards Neil