Hi All,

Just received this message from Neil Thomas our MASC editor .

A thousand apologies, but very late Friday afternoon I was informed by our publishers that due to pressures of the festive season, they will be unable to send MASCOT out until Thursday this next week and so it won’t be hitting your formats until the 15th/16th December. I am bitterly disappointed at this news as I had submitted the magazine to them two days ahead of their requested date. This means it will have taken them over 3 weeks between receipt of the material from me and our receipt of it as a finished product. As per my previous email, I’ll still need material in from yourselves and your members by the 15th. I will have to ensure a very quick turn around on my part for the January issue. Can you let your various area members know please and ask them not to shoot the messenger.
In response to this, I have arranged to travel up from Tenby to Cheltenham on Tuesday next, to speak to the publishers to try and understand what the issues are here. I’m hoping to get an improvement in the situation for future issues.
Thanks for your understanding.
Once again, have a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year,