Classic Magazines / Handbooks

Hi All.

Matthew Lomas has asked me to send out the below message of items he has gathered over the year , as he will not be able to make our next club meeting due to back surgery he has just had on the 19th Jan, and is unable to drive for a while. We wish him well and a speedy recovery.

If you would like any items listed you can contact him : .

wondered if you could put an email around to our club members to see if anyone is interested in any of the magazines that have been passed down to me from my grandad.

I have in many cases full runs over decades (60’s – 90’s) for the following publications:

Classic cars
Thoroughbred and classic cars
What car
Auto car
Triumph world
Classic and sports car
Practical Classics
Practical classics and car restorer
Tractor and machinery

I’ve also got various car brochures including an original Triumph Stag handbook and original vitesse, spitfire and herald workshop manuals among others. It’s a fairly sizeable collection that I did start to catalogue at one point. There are some really early magazines from the 50’s too.

Happy to take enquiries about them.