Braided hoses & Banjo connections

Hi All .

Steve Keil has ask me to send out the information below as he is looking into a problem that Stuart has with the seals on his New  callipers.

if anyone has any spare braided hoses, either new or previously used to measure the thickness of the banjo connection.
You may be aware that Stuart Macfarlane via one of the online forums had reported problems in being able to seal the connections with his new callipers and was so frustrated that he reverted to his previously used items. He offered the new units for investigation which I accepted and he delivered them to me.
Although they are possibly on eastern origin I would consider them to have been well made and perfectly good for use as I have had no problem in obtaining a seal using standard rubber hoses but there is a possibility that if the braided hose union is even slightly thinner than the standard hose, in conjunction with the thinner copper washers that now seem to be supplied and the limited length of thread on the banjo bolt it is possible that insufficient load is being applied during bolt tightening to effect a seal.
Stuart is intending to come to our next meeting with a view to joining MASC.
If you could please ask around it would be much appreciated.
Have a good weekend.