Alderford Lake (Dearnford Lake)

Hello everyone.
I have received an invitation from Malcolm (can’t remember his second name) of the TR Register, to attend their October breakfast meet at Alderford Lake (formally called Dearnford Lake) on Sunday 8th October. Lynne and I and a couple of others have done it twice before, and it’s always been pretty good.

It usually consists of a meet at 9am at the lake. There is a cafe where you can purchase breakfast. At about 11am there is a short 30 to 40 mile run to a place of interest. In 2015 it was to Cosford Air Museum, and last year to a small stately home where there was a classic car show.

This time the run is to Blist’s Hill, which is a recreated Victorian town and is one of the open air museums in the Ironbridge gorge. Google it.
Malcolm has negotiated reduced admission for the group. I don’t know by how much, but I suppose he will give us some sort of voucher before we set off from the lake.


We could meet at the Lymm Truck stop for anyone coming from the Northern area and maybe meet up with others going South down the A49. Alternatively you could make your own way to the lake.

Alderford Lake is just South of Whitchurch offf the A41 on the Whitchurch ring road. SY13 3JQ.

We don’t have to book. Just turn up, which is handy if the weather is bad and we don’t want to go.

If you want more info give me a call or text on 07905 412265 or email at

Best regards.