MASC Somerset Area Rep role

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MASC Somerset Area Rep role

by Andrew Parrott


As I hope you are aware the Somerset Area of the Midget & Sprite Club has been without an Area Rep for a little while now. Colin Chorley has been doing a good job keeping things going but the club would like to fill the Area Rep vacancy as soon as possible.

You are receiving this email as our records show that you are a MASC member in Somerset and are therefore eligible to put yourself forward for this role. The club does not appoint Area Reps as they normally emerge from within the membership or the role is passed on when the previous Area Rep stands down.

I would like to summarise what the Area Rep role involves:

  • Essentially, an Area Rep acts as a hub within an Area, keeping members up-to-date with relevant local and national events, passing on information from other Areas and providing feedback to the committee via the Area Liaison Officer.
  • Each club Area should aim to have regular monthly meetings and it is the Area Rep’s responsibility to plan these and promote them. Local members’ views should be sought regarding the location and timing of these meetings.
  • Whilst an Area Rep should be aware of what is going on in their Area they are not solely responsible for organising events and they are encouraged to share this aspect of the role with others in their group. It should be noted that the club requires all participants in road runs to complete a registration form and the Area Rep should ensure that the event organiser arranges this. Sample registration forms and an explanation of their use will be provided by the club.
  • Ideally, each Area Rep should submit a monthly report for publication in MASCOT. Each report should be a maximum 500 words with up to four pictures. Four reports per year minimum.
  • The club’s Membership Secretary will inform each Area Rep of new members within their Area. The Area Rep should aim to contact each new member within 2 weeks of them joining in order to welcome them, introduce themselves and tell them about upcoming events including the location and timing of the Area’s monthly meeting.
  • The club provides a suite of tools on its web site that the Area Rep should use to promote the Area, create events and keep in touch with members. Area Reps should endeavour to use these tools whenever possible and report any problems encountered to the Area Liaison Officer.
  • Area Reps are not expected to be technical experts and any technical questions may be passed on to any of the club’s own specialists or anyone within the Area able to deal with such queries.
  • The Area Rep role is a voluntary position and you should be aware that the club does not remunerate any of its volunteers be they Area Reps, committee members or other officials. However, the club does cover any necessary out of pocket expenses incurred while performing any given role, e.g. printing and postage.

If you would like to propose yourself or anyone else in the Somerset Area for the Area Rep role please get in touch. The role could be shared and if you feel that you could perform some of the activities listed above with help from someone else then please let me know.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Area Rep role or activities within your Area.


Kind regards

Andrew Parrott

MASC Area Liaison Officer


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