COVID-19 guidance as sent from MASC

Message sent by Robert Neil McLeod

Message from Midget and Sprite Club

COVID-19 guidance as sent from MASC

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hi All.

I have just received the guidance as set out below regarding club runs and meeting from the club chairman Mark Hall.

Midget and Sprite Club COVID-19 Guidance 10th July 2020


The latest advice from the government has been updated, with new in effect from 4th July 2020. Although the changes allow pubs and restaurants to re-open there are strict rules and process that must be put in place and these don’t really support our club pub nights and monthly gatherings. We should also remember that tougher restrictions still exist in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so members in those areas should check on the guidance for their region.


Public gatherings of more than 30 people are prohibited in law and there are heavy penalties in place for those that ignore the rules. Guidelines still urge us to avoid meetings of more than 6 people from different households in an outdoor space and two households indoors.


Furthermore, Cafés , Restaurants and Pubs that can reopen, will be placed under heavy restrictions to enforce social distancing. Many venues will be operating a pre-book only policy and all venues will be required to record the personal details of anyone entering their premises.


Given these restrictions at the current time, MASC advises all areas to continue to cancel all social activities and refrain from road runs or any other meets in groups, until further notice.


MASC sees no reason not to use your historic vehicle individually, as long as it is safe to do so.


The committee will continue to monitor advice from the Government and the FBHVC and will issue further guidance when it is appropriate.


Please do NOT drive in groups or convoys.  It is important that large groups of classic vehicle owners do not gather in parks, or places of natural beauty. By all means, use your historic vehicle individually, to drive to the shops or go out for exercise, but only individually.


Please remember, as clubs, individuals and organisations, we are all ambassadors for the historic vehicle scene as a whole. Please avoid posting pictures of gatherings of classic cars or cars driving through quiet villages and towns and do not badge them as MASC events.


MASC agrees with the FBHVC that at this time it strikes very much the wrong tone with the public to parade our vehicles through the streets and country lanes in groups when many people are still in lockdown within their homes or experiencing hardship or the loss of loved ones. The time will come, soon we hope, but it is not yet.


Don’t forget:

  • Check your vehicle over carefully if it’s not been used for a while, paying particular attention to tyres and brakes.
  • If you previously declared your historic vehicle as being on SORN to the DVLA , be sure to update it before taking to the road. Where applicable.
  • If you didn’t renew your insurance policy during lockdown, do it right away.
  • If your vehicle needs one, do you have an MOT? The six month extension only applies to cars that were due an MOT after 30th March 2020 and before 1st August. Extensions are granted in the seven days before the expiry date. After August 1st, you will be required to renew your MOT upon it’s expiry as normal.
  • From England, do not drive across the Scottish and Welsh borders unless necessary, as currently those countries are yet to change their rules.


To view UK Government please visit the following sites:



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