Manchester Run 5th July( Sorry event full)

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Manchester Run 5th July( Sorry event full)

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hello All.

I have just received a email from John Rhodes , he sent me the us the invite to the Manchester Airport Runway event message as below at the end of my speech.   I know quite a few of you will be very disappointed that you will not be able to go we are now on the reserve list.

There is one member, Alan in Wales that will be rubbing his hands as he has been giving me quite a lot of stick for putting out the information on this event to you in the first place , as he considered I was being irresponsible and that as area Rep I have the duty of care to take into account, I feel I also have the duty to keep members informed of interesting event that drop on my desk. I’m sorry if another’s have felt the same way as Alan.  Members that will have read the long list of regulations could see the great care that was being taken for this outside event at Manchester Airport and members can decide if it is a safe place for them to go.  In view of the all changes now taking place in the  opening of many shops- pub and the like, I felt this was an event we could all looking forward in a safe environment. In this strange times we are in, I have always given careful thought to what we do as a club and have stuck to the Government guidelines to stay safe. We can look forward to soon getting out as the current situation change and more event open.

.Best Wishes Neil .

Hi Neil,

First the bad news. I am sorry to tell you that we are unable to take anymore entries. So I will put you and your friends on the reserve list and if we get any drop out before the day I will contact you.
Answering your first question each entrant has to have a pass issued by RVP. I think the idea is our show is a dry run for staging these types of shows under the Covid-19 restrictions.
Sorry about that Neil.

Kind regards,



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