Concern regarding the Manchester Runway event

Message sent by Robert Neil McLeod

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Concern regarding the Manchester Runway event

by Robert Neil McLeod

As a follow on to our invite to Manchester Runway on Sunday 5th July. I have just received the following email, which might help with any concern you might have regarding this meeting.

Hello Neil,

If any of your members have concerns about Covid-19 let them read this email (copied below) from RVP MD Peter Hampson.

Kind regards,


Hi John,

No problem whatsoever, I can fully understand your Committee Members concerns – It’s been a very difficult time for all of us. As such let me do my very best to provide some re assurance below:-

The Runway Visitor Park re opened in full accordance with UK Government guidelines on 1st June.

Prior to re-opening The Runway Visitor Park (RVP) Management (Manchester Airport) and all tenants had to undertake comprehensive COVID 19 UK Risk Assessments which were reviewed and duly accepted by independent Health and Safety staff – again in accordance with Government guidelines

It is a Park (as per its name) and designated / licensed as such. It is not a museum.

The only part of the Park which is currently open is the outside grass areas, footpaths and car parks.

Strict Social distancing measures are in place. Above and beyond what is required. There is signage detailing the procedures in place throughout the park. This is supplemented by Public Address announcements. Indeed, this is far greater than you would probably find at other Parks or public venues which are now open.

There are no mass public gatherings. Entrance to the facility is strictly controlled and monitored by personnel and CCTV.

The Greater Manchester Police and Cheshire Police are meeting in the Park each and every day as a rendezvous point. (The NHS / Military Covid test facility is in an Airport car park adjacent to the Runway Visitor Park – Similar measures are in place at both facilities).

It is an outside venue and very easy to ensure the current 2m distancing rules are adhered to throughout

The main indoor venue at the Park (The Concorde Hangar) is currently closed as are the aircraft exhibits.

For your additional information and not previously discussed in our event planning :-Local Government and Health and Safety officials reviewed the Indoor venue yesterday and have now accepted the appropriate Risk Assessment and Operational procedures (adhering to 1 m + Social Distancing Measurers from 4th July. Hence my later than anticipated response.

The officials make the decision to open the Park and the venues not ourselves or the Park Management. They only give approval once they are totally satisfied that appropriate measures are in place.

The above does not affect your event as the event was planned on the 2 m distancing rules and as being outside with people arriving in cars – the same as they would at any other Park or shop/ zoo?

As per other low key events which have taken place at the Park. Risks have been assessed, procedures established and approval given.

The Park Shop is open in accordance with UK Government guidelines (Since 15th June) , again with strict measures in place ( plastic screens, masks, only 2 persons in at a time, frequent cleaning, hand sanitizers etc.)- Government COVID 19 Risk Assessments were submitted and approved.

A similar process was undertaken for the food area which has been given approval to open as a takeaway on 4th July. The same also applied to the toilets. Which are open with a strict and frequent cleaning and sanitation process / procedure in place.

For information the people who run the Catering Facility previously operated at the Manchester Nightingale hospital Catering facility.

The same as other Parks people – do visit in small family groups in line with the government guidelines.

Visitors to the Park may bring their own outdoor seating and lay a blanket on the grass to stay on their “territory “others bring chairs and do the same thing. There are park benches all separated by 5+ m. People do walk around the park (similar to other public parks) – there is actually a one way system in place for this and signage throughout.

Where people queue, such as toilets, they do so in a responsible manner adhering to signs and government guidelines.

Your group – would be parked by you own people to meet your own needs. We have agreed to that and added some further distance guidance.

People would be able to “picnic” at their car, they may have socially distant chats – in line with government guidelines.

Unlike other facilities (public parks) we control the numbers at entry. As such we can (and have) stopped access should it be deemed necessary. Example being that Social distancing measure would be difficult to achieve.

I’m sorry, it’s a long answer to your questions. However, as can be seen from the above a considerable amount of work has gone into making the facility safe and putting in place appropriate mitigation throughout – actually above and beyond government guidelines.

This work continues with the various authorities to further enhance these measures. Indeed, please let me know if you would like to see any other measures established for your specific event?

I’m more than happy to discuss the above with you or any members of your Committee should you wish.

Hope this helps – Best Regards


Peter Hampson

Managing Director
TTL Manchester Airport
Runway Visitor Park


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