Leighton Hall & Zoom club night

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Leighton Hall & Zoom club night

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hi All .

Hope you are all still keeping well. As the Zoom virtual meeting seemed to go quite well with 13 tuned in , thought i think one or two had trouble getting in, we will be giving it another go on the 8th July again at 7-30pm near the time i will send out more info , that is unless things change and the Kilton inn is open which at the moment does not look likely.

I have just received the below message thought it may be of interest  .

Leighton Hall

So they are open to clubs having organised trips/afternoon out to the Hall but would need to be some point after the 4th July when hopefully hospitality will start to all open up again. As a club you could meet there for an afternoon & park cars up on the terrace in front of the hall. They can organise for tea/coffee & cake from the tearooms if required. They would then allow people to have picnics on their own on the lawns, access to the gardens and woodland walk. Lucy said a rough idea for cost is something like £12 per person which would include the tea & cake.
It could be a great afternoon with possibly just about exclusive access to the grounds & some fantastic photo opportunities in front of the hall with the cars.
I’m in no way linked to the hall but just feel for them seeing as they have had all events cancelled this summer which must mean that they’ve had a massive hit on their income.
Anyway, just thought I’d this send on (Lucy’s phone number in screen dump below) as thoroughly enjoyed the Lanes Run last year and if you did contact them & managed to organise.

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