Zoom Virtual Club Night Meeting 10th June 7-30pm

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Zoom Virtual Club Night Meeting 10th June 7-30pm

by Robert Neil McLeod

Zoom virtual MASC North West Area meeting 10th June 7-30pm.
As a virtual zoom club night is a first for us and as with normal club nights which are always very busy with many conversations going on at once, this night will be somewhat different. It is not possible on Zoom for more than one person to talk at a time, so until the internet and Zoom find a way of having a virtual meeting to take the format of an ordinary club night. we will give it a try and have some fun.
I have made an agenda of a few items and events that may or may not be happening in the next few months, and I will go through them then anyone that has a question or a suggestion will have chance to speak after , in other wards very much like club night .
If anything it will just be very good chance to just see all your faces again and so if you feel like joining in this virtual meeting the link is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78294104793?pwd=Tzl0aEQ3cUJHRWpRRU9XdFI0b1FaQT09
ID 782 9410 4793
Password 5UOPcd
Agenda items
(1) Drive It Day that we did not have, Fraser paid £100.00 deposit. Hopefully this run can take place as soon as we have the all clear and the pubs are open.
(2) The Cairndale Hotel Dumfries 11th to 14th September 2020, They are opening in August Shelley has spoken to the hotel yesterday and they have said they will be doing everything possible to make our stay with them as safe as possible and being a large hotel it should not be a problem. So if you would like to consider going and have not yet given us your names please do so ASAP
(3) NEC Classic Car Show 13th to 15th November ???
(4) Tatton Park, this is the latest update – I will be submitting our club entry just in case it is still ongoing, then you can decide near the time if you still wish to take up your place. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to hold this event on Saturday 15 August to Sunday 16 August 2020. It will now merge with its sister show, Passion for Power creating one mega car show.
(5) Christmas Lunch @ the Mere Golf Hotel, after last year we did have a meeting with the management and they assured us of doing everything needed to make sizing of food portions a lot more realistic !!! Shelley will be phoning them soon to confirm a date for the lunch we hope to discuss this during our Zoom meeting. As we are holding the MG Midget 60th there we do feel we need to give them another chance as this will help to give us and indication that they have got it right for our major event in June 2021.
(6) MG Midget 60th
(7) AGM October 2020 as yet we do not know if the committee will be holding this meeting or where it might be held.

We look forward to seeing you.
Neil & Shelley.

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