Touching Base during lockdown

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Touching Base during lockdown

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hello All.

Again we will be missing our club night on the 13th May at the Kilton, we can only hope when the all clear is sounded we will still have some good weather as it has been this last six weeks and it is a long time since I can remember the early part of the year being this good.

Today being VE day we would have been at Gawsworth Hall Classic Car Show ,  I expect the regulars that have attended this show in the past and it is one of our clubs favourite venues will be missing meeting up over there bacon butties on the go  (Thank you Janet and Paul !!!)  However, because of the “Virus ” we cant be so we can look forward all the more to when we can go !

Shelley and I are still hoping to get our weekend at the Cairndale Hotel in  Dumfries 11th -14th September 2020.  There is still time if we have the all clear before these dates to put you on the provisional list if you are not already there! The more the merrier!  In the meantime take care and be safe, and looking forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.


Best wishes from Shelley and Neil


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