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Hello guys,

Just wanted to share with you a couple of things. Most of you may well have seen already the activity going on on the MASC FB page. There have been some strange interpretations made of the current Govt advice regarding activities allowed during the current crisis. For me it beggars belief the thought processes that some are exhibiting, some being MASC members and some being non members. Hence me putting up the summary of current advice from the Govt  on to the main front page of the FB site. The majority so far seem in agreement, less so those who question it. I personally think that we have a responsibility as a club to push this message and shows good leadership. I have asked Mike to put the same message on the front page of the website too.

I have the upto date membership list and am checking the names of those who are expressing particularly outlandish opinions on the current situation. Non members who are giving their ten penneth worth and are being particularly obnoxious, I have removed their post and removed them from the site.

Please tell me if you disagree with this approach. I must admit, as one of the admins on the FB page, the current situation has provided more time to monitor and be proactive on the FB page.

I’d also point out that Mike has put out an appeal now on FB for knowledge of the oldest and newest Midget, this being a feature of the Midget 60th celebrations ( this is despite having this information already, but it is a way of generating interest in the event). I’ve included it in April’s MASCOT too. Of course with 2300 people on there it does reach a wide audience. I find it difficult to say this as I am such a proponent of limiting the FB page to members only, but we would miss this promotional opportunity if we did limit it. I’m cringing saying this. This isn’t a U turn but an observation. What do you think?

MASCOT has been finalised and is currently being printed. I hope I will have enough to include in next month’s issue, otherwise it will be very thin!

I hope you are all keeping well and keep 2m apart.

I also hope that Mark gets home alright from Aussie land.



PS I’m using the email facility on the website to send this message.

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