Come and join us on Drive it Day 26th April.

Message sent by Robert Neil McLeod

Message from Midget and Sprite Club

Come and join us on Drive it Day 26th April.

by Robert Neil McLeod

The wizened and young at heart Drive it Day Run 26th April 2020.

As us 70+ have been confined to our homes during the time of the Corona virus I thought we should escape this day with our classic car along with our trusty navigator.
We also invite you younger ones to join us at a safe distance of course, so with this in mind I have drawn up a few rules for the day.
(1) A route map will be provided, but remember you are taking part in a Social Run. It is non-competitive and you are here to enjoy your classic car. A location will be given for a lunch stop. There is no defined route and you can choose any route you wish to arrive there. Bring a picnic Lunch.
(2) At a given meeting point Route Maps will be placed in a suitable area and will have been sprayed will disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bugs alongside a hand sanitizer, if one can be found. Please remember when collecting your route maps to keep the recommended distance apart of at least 1 meter.
(3) At comfort stops please give priority to those most in need (70+) allowing them the extra recommended time of 20 seconds to wash hands and again queuing at the recommended distance please.
(4) If the weather is good and we can picnic outside our cars please remember to set your chairs at the recommended distance apart, for those of us that might be hard of hearing if they indicate so, then the route maps will come in handy!, if you roll in to a cone shape it can then be used as a loudhailer, But please be careful NOT to cough when in use.
(5) If the weather is unkind to us we may need to have our picnic in the car when we can wave at each other though the windscreen, for those of us more technical minded with a smart phone we could have a conference call or text on a what’s app.
(6) The day is about getting together for all ages (at a safe distance of course) and enjoying motoring in our classics. This year it looks like they and us will missing out on many shows and events, so please come and join us on a day of fun putting all the grim news behind us for a time and enjoy the day, Oh! and bring some throat lozenges as you my get a bit sore from shouting.

Meeting point and more Info to follow, let me know if you would like to join us.