February monthly meeting

Message sent by ian cooke

Message from Midget and Sprite Club

February monthly meeting

by ian cooke

The next meeting of the Notts and Derby group will be on Thursday February 13th at The Hunters Arms Kilburn.

I have been asked to stand down as Area Rep in order to allow some new ideas for events and Mascot articles from a new Area Rep.

Apparently there are a number of you out there willing to take on the role so it is important that you come along to the next meeting in order to agree on my replacement.

Since the group is growing and interest for more events is increasing, there is the opportunity to share some of the tasks of the new Area Rep(s), which may benefit from some more clearly defined roles and members responsible for those roles:-

eg. 1.Events officer – organising events.  2. Media officer – advertising.  3.Monthly reporter to Mascot.  4.Membership liaison – any personal members issues arising.  5.Technical assistance.  6.Club liaison – working with other MASC area groups.

I will be continue to deal with communications until the meeting where after the club can be notified of the new contacts.

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