MASC – Midget60 postponed until 2022

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Message from Midget and Sprite Club

MASC – Midget60 postponed until 2022

by lara warburton

Dear all

I know some of you will have seen this announcement on the Facebook page, I equally know not everyone is on social media.

The Midget60 organising committee have taken the difficult decision to postpone this year’s event:

“During a meeting of our North West Area and Mark Hall. We discussed at great length the possibility of going ahead with MG Midget 60 in June 2021, but it is with great sadness we have decided to postpone this event to July 1st-3rd 2022. We know you will all be disappointed but it was felt as the pandemic opening up date of the 21st June is too close to our event, members may still feel unsafe to travel and also the date Boris has set could also be moved on to later in June, depending on how the R number comes down. As so much work has been put into organising this event, we did not wish it to become a diluted event, with members travelling from all over the UK and Europe.

We very much hope you will understand our decision and join with us in looking forward to July 2022 when we hope we will be able to gather and mix in large numbers (mask free) safely to enjoy the company of other members from all around the world.

Those who have already entered will receive an email shortly with details of the options.”

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