Kent Area Midget & Sprite Club / March updates

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Kent Area Midget & Sprite Club / March updates

by Alan Anstead


 Kent zoom meeting set up for Wednesday 24/3 

from 2000hrs – 2130hrs

Codes below

Meeting ID: 973 9648 4598     Passcode: 150491 


The times they are a changin’. Since Kent Area started in 2006 I have been sending out monthly updates, wants and for sale, details of runs and tours at home and abroad, &c, from my e-mail account. From now on this has to change. To conform with this regulation and that, because Midget & Sprite is a Ltd, non profit making company it has to comply with many laws, rules and regulations including GDPR and regulations relating to Spam.

E-mails from now on will be sent to you, by me, using an e-mail system that I will access, by password, on the Club website.

Once as member you have recieved e-mail from the Club website if you then reply  the e-mail then comes to my home account and e-mails will then be traded outside the remit of the Club Website e-mail.


There will be an official statement soon on the Midget & Sprite Website and in Mascot with regard to Midget 60 / The Big Weekend event.

Postponement of MG Midget 60 / The Big Weekend.


During a  meeting of our North West Area and Mark Hall. We discussed at great length the possibility of going ahead with MG Midget 60 in June 2021, but it is with great sadness we have decided to postpone this event to July 1st-3rd 2022. We know you will all be disappointed but it was felt as the pandemic opening up date of the 21st June is too close to  our event,  members may still feel unsafe to travel and also the date Boris has set  could  also be moved on to later in June, depending on how the R number comes down. As so much work has been put into organising this event, we did not wish it to become a diluted event, with members traveling from all over the UK and Europe.

We very much hope you will understand our decision and join with us in looking forward to July 2022 when we hope we will be able to gather and mix in large numbers(mask free) safely to enjoy the company of other members from all around the world.

Those who have already entered will receive an email shortly with details of the options.


MG Midget 60 Organising team MASC North West Area.


As of 8/3 we can meet one person in the open. If anyone wants to pay me a visit at Greenhithe for a cuppa and to discuss cars, club, or just to put the world to rights then please do.

Social distancing &c.


I have taken the decision not to renew the contract for the Kent Website this year. 

Thanks go to Rylan for being our Webmaster and to Mark, at Fishers Services for sponsorship . 


The Club is seeking to reduce its monetary reserves and is inviting ideas on how such may be spent to the benefit of the Area groups.

Kent already has two sails and a, little used, Gazebo. Does anyone have any suggestions what we might benefit from submitting a claim for?


I have asked in the past but will ask yet again. Does anyone want to take on the role of Static Events Co-ordinator to organise, for those that like to display their cars at open air static events, to do so as a group and in so doing promote the Midget & Sprite Club.


Classic Car Show. NEC Birmingham November 12-14 November 2021.

Alan Anstead

Kent Area Rep

01322-384050 answer-phone.

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