MSV Oulton Park Gold Cup28th to 30th August

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MSV Oulton Park Gold Cup28th to 30th August

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hi All.

I have registered the club for Oulton Park Gold Cup. Below are details how you canĀ  attend, If you have had ticket from me before, your car will still be on the system and I can book your place or as you will see from the instructions below you can book your own place and have your entry tickets sent to yourself.

Cheers Neil

Hi Midget & Sprite Club North West Area

Your application to display at HSCC Oulton Park Gold Cup Oulton Park has been approved.
You have been allocated:

  • 20 spaces for Saturday (Saturday 28 August 2021)
  • 20 spaces for Sunday (Sunday 29 August 2021)
  • 20 spaces for Monday (Monday 30 August 2021)

You can now start adding the individual attendee information for your club members. Each vehicle must have the correct registration and driver details but you may use the same image for each car to represent the club if you do not have images for each car. Please note if you upload all club member details, all tickets will be sent to you. Alternatively you can ask each member to add their details and the correct image to your club booking and tickets will be sent out individually.

You will need to complete the whole process in order to generate your tickets. Please note tickets will be issued two weeks prior the event. The location of your display area will be set by the events team.


HSCC Oulton Park Gold Cup team.

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