Oakamoor Hill Climb Saturday 13th July 2019

Message sent by Robert Neil McLeod

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Oakamoor Hill Climb Saturday 13th July 2019

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hi All , Here is some info on the Oakamoor Hill Climb I have sent am email to see if we can have a club display Area , But it does look like the entry fee is around £10 per car, If you think you would like to attend this event please let me know so to ascertain numbers .

Cheers Neil

Static Display Area / Club Parking
Allocated parking spaces may be ordered in advance for anyone wishing to park their vintage or classic car or motorcycle in the Static Display Area (pre-1975 as listed above and at the discretion of the Organiser). The online registration system is now live! To enter online please click on the link on the home page or click on the Book Now button on our Facebook page. For more information, please contact info@oakamoorhillclimb.org.
Club Parking
Club parking is available if you wish to have a dedicated space in the Static Display Area. Please contact us to discuss the available options and pricing for an advertisement in the programme, a web page logo and a website link to promote your club.

Price per car
There will be a small fee per car in the dedicated parking area.

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