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LAC invite

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hi All.

Lancashire Automobile Club has sent me a  list of event /Runs they are doing this year, If there is any on the list you would like more information about do let me know and I will send out to you. I see there is a nice Scotland tour , for the brave I think 800 miles in 3 days, need a  rocket ships not a Sprite !!!!.


I thought your members might like to partake in some of ours.

So on behalf of the Lancashire Automobile Club may I invite members of the Midget and Sprite Club onto the following events –

St Georges Day 28th April – Start and finish in Blackburn

Fellsman 18th May – Start and Finish in Langho – this is one for the more navigationaly inclined choice of eithe Novice or Expert road books.

Mancahester to Blackpool 9th June – start from Worsley finish in Blackpool

Coast to Coast 13th July – Start from Morecambe finish in Sandsend.

Highland 3 Day 20-23rd Sept. Around 800 miles round bonny Scotland.

Also we will be at the Royal Lancs Show as usual – details to follow.

All regs attached.

Chris Lee
Competition Secretary
Lancashire Automobile Club


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