Message from Andy Ainsworth( Race Midget)

Message sent by Robert Neil McLeod

Message from Midget and Sprite Club

Message from Andy Ainsworth( Race Midget)

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hi All.

Andy has sent me this email , I have asked him if I can share it with you and hopefully fine a club member to finish the car that means so much to him.

Just wanted to keep in touch.Apologies for absence,really wanted to be at last meeting I don’t know where Ian gets these interesting people from.He certainly has some good contacts, bet I missed a good night would have been really good in particular to see what Spridget racing photos he had.

Wanted to let you know that after weeks of soul searching and with a heavy heart (trying to build the suspense up now !) I have decided to sell the race Midget.

I have basically not done a thing to it now for at least 6 months and have lost all interest .I will not race it due to lack of finance,time and I have to admit bottle so even if I did carry it through what would I do with it ? To be honest Neil I was involved in an accident in the works van a while ago and don’t enjoy driving as much as I used to and can’t work up any enthusiasm to use it on the road.

I’ve only emailed Paul Goodman (he is Chairman of MG Car Club and runs the racing championship)at the minute as I know he has people approaching him for suitable cars and would rather it go to an enthusiast via the MGCC or MASC rather than some fool who knows nothing about them buying it on Ebay for peanuts (if they turn up!).

Feel a bit odd Neil in that MGs have been a big part of my life but now is the time to move on.Although my wife has put absolutely no pressure on me regarding this (she has been very patient) another thing is that we are considering a house move and unfortunately all the properties that we can afford that give us a quirky character countryside or coastal cottage with views don’t always give sufficient garage space.

I don’t know if any of MASC NW would be interested but if you could put word around I would be grateful.It is the very good basis of a hillclimb or sprint car quite easily.It has been featured in MASCOT and MG Enthusiast Magazine March 2018 but can obviously forward photos to anyone interested.There is also a photo of it in Chris Harveys book Spridgets.

Cheers for now,will keep in touch.


Andy Ainsworth


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