Christmas Lunch & Next ClubMeeting

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Christmas Lunch & Next ClubMeeting

by Robert Neil McLeod

Hello Everyone, The festive Season is creeping upon us as I speak ( or write actually !!) Which is the very reason I am writing to you all as in my new role as “Social Secretary” I am now responsible for anything to do with Social Events, leaving Neil a little more time to do with all the “other stuff !!”

We have been asked by the Manager of the Browns Restaurant  to have all our lunch choices in For our Christmas Lunch by 26th November 2018,  this enables them to have adequate time to sort our orders out. Thank you to all those members who have already given me theirs, but there are quite a few of you that havnt made up your minds yet !!! , I know its coming up to a very busy time of the year and already some of us are out there Christmas shopping making the best of pre Christmas bargains,!! But,  while you are relaxing over your tea or coffee well earned break, possibly even today,  could you go to our website click on Browns Festive Lunches ‘ choose what you would like to eat from their delicious menu and send it. That would be wonderful, fantastic and brilliant and thank you all very much.  Hope to hear from you very soon. Our next club meeting this Wednesday, looks to be even more interesting than usual, as we are having the pleasure of a  Guest Speaker, Alan Cox who has been organised by Ian ( Thank you very much Ian Great stuff !) It is going to be a very busy evening with some friends of our speaker coming too. So if you can arrive by 7.30pm you can get the best seats!!! Hope everyone is Well, and coping with the dark mornings and even worse evenings!! and not besieged by colds, coughs and Sciatica (Like Fraser bless him hope that’s improving !)

See you all bright and early Wednesday from Shelley

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