Hi All,

Just received this message from Neil Thomas our MASC editor .

A thousand apologies, but very late Friday afternoon I was informed by our publishers that due to pressures of the festive season, they will be unable to send MASCOT out until Thursday this next week and so it won’t be hitting your formats until the 15th/16th December. I am bitterly disappointed at this news as I had submitted the magazine to them two days ahead of their requested date. This means it will have taken them over 3 weeks between receipt of the material from me and our receipt of it as a finished product. As per my previous email, I’ll still need material in from yourselves and your members by the 15th. I will have to ensure a very quick turn around on my part for the January issue. Can you let your various area members know please and ask them not to shoot the messenger.
In response to this, I have arranged to travel up from Tenby to Cheltenham on Tuesday next, to speak to the publishers to try and understand what the issues are here. I’m hoping to get an improvement in the situation for future issues.
Thanks for your understanding.
Once again, have a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year,

Calendar 2018 (photos)

Hi All.

Steve has kindly formulated a Calendar for 2018, but as yet not got many photos to complete , So if you have any photos of interest please send to Steve, mailto:

The complete Calendar will be sent out in a format you can print out if you so wish.

Thanks .


Hi All .

The Austin Healey Club are having an Anniversary event on the 20th May 2018 at Shelsley Walsh Speed Hillclimb. in Worcestershire.

I have tonight spoken to the organizer Tony Curran , and they are very happy to have any members of our club come as spectators even if their Spridget is not on the road and would be very welcome to attend in any car they have.

As we where looking at this event for are weekend away, would you be interested in this event as a part of our weekend away , some of our members have already booked , I have been looking at hotels around Tenbury Wells area at a cost of £139-00 to £200 -00 for two night B&B.

Would you be inclined to join us ???

Cheers Neil reply  Mailto:

Events for next year 2018

Hi All.

As you may be aware it is the 60th Anniversary of the Frogeye this year 2018 and a MASC weekend is being organized on the 24/26th August 18 at Wroxall Abbey, also the Austin Healey Club are running an event again for the Frogeye birthday to be held at Shelsley Walsh on the 20th May 2018, It has been proposed that we could make this part of our clubs weekend away this year,all info can be found . entry fees etc.

I am at present trying to fine out if members who’s car are not on the road at the moment or otherwise incomplete could attend this event in their day car , soon as I have word back I will inform you.

If you would be interested in a weekend set around this event 20th May 2018, please let me know and we will move it on to find a hotel etc. mailto:

Cheers Neil

In the meantime


Motor Sport

Union. Please forward this email to fellow drivers, friends, car preparers and other motorsport contacts. If you have any questions or comments then please email me and I will respond immediately as we must meet the deadline of October 20th. Thank you most sincerely – your immediate help is invaluable and much appreciated. Best regards Chris Click the link below to read all about this matter: Public Consultation on REFIT review of Directive 2009/103/EC on motor insuran The requested page does not exist – European Commission Like Comment


Neil Thomas posted in Midget and Sprite Club (MASC).

Neil Thomas
11 October at 19:57

All, please see the below. It will affect some of you.


From Carol Spragg – Historic Motor Racing News:
OK, here is the next existential threat to motorsport and to the world as we know it. How it has escaped our attention here until now, I don’t know, but we need everyone who would like motorsport to continue to exist to respond to a proposed EU Directive that would mean all motor sport activities would have to be insured between the parties. Please go to the Motorsport Industry Association web site and respond to the consultation according to their guidelines.
Below is an open letter from their CEO addressed to all of us:
Dear Motorsport friend and colleague,
I do not apologise for the dramatic title to this message as our industry and sport face a serious, immediate problem which you can help resolve.
We have until October 20th to respond to this important EC consultation, details of which are attached – if we fail to secure the amendment we seek then the likely outcome is that all motorsport activity, in every EU Member State, will cease.
All involved in the business and organisation of European motorsport need to act NOW to overcome this genuine threat to our own future and that of our employees and sport, from the unintended consequences of action taken by the European Commission (EC).
The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), along with others including the UK Department for Transport, has been fighting to resolve this issue for more than two years, on behalf of our members and the wider EU motorsport community. Now, with your personal leadership and action, it is possible for us to resolve this.
In simple terms, the EC plans to issue a new Motor Insurance Directive, as a result of which all EU Member States must put into their National Law compulsory and unlimited third-party liability insurance to cover personal injury between motorsport competitors and car-to-car damage during any competition – from Formula One, Moto GP, World Rally to karting, historic and grass roots, whether regulated by the FIA or FIM or not.
However such widespread unlimited new insurance is not currently and, we understand, will not in the future be available – so motorsport will be unable to continue anywhere in the EU.
Please respond BY OCTOBER 20th to the EC Review Consultation –…/cons…/finance-2017-motor-insurance_en by using the simple ‘MIA Response Guidelines’ which can be downloaded here. This will take LESS THAN TEN MINUTES – a short time commitment to keep motorsport alive, and the jobs it supports, in place.

It is most important that you estimate, if motorsport were to cease, how many jobs will be lost directly from your organisation and indirectly by your suppliers or the sport, as this significant economic impact will influence the European Commission.
We really must work together to make the European Commission fully aware of the economic importance of motorsport and the employment which our sport and industry provides across the European Union. Please forward this email to fellow drivers, friends, car preparers and other motorsport contacts.
If you have any questions or comments then please email me and I will respond immediately as we must meet the deadline of October 20th.
Thank you most sincerely – your immediate help is invaluable and much appreciated.
Best regards Chris
Click the link below to read all about this matter:
Public Consultation on REFIT review of Directive 2009/103/EC on motor insuran
The requested page does not exist – European Commission




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Next Meeting 11th October 17

Hi All .

It is nearing the climax of the year for the North West area and of course we have the testing event of the Quiz Night, so buckle on your brain and join us for what is always a fun night, Mike & Karen will be your Quiz masters for the night , so fasten your seat belts and let us see you at the Kilton for 8pm start.

We have had a message from MASC new editor of the club magazine , Neil Thomas, I have sent him a message from us in the North West  Area, welcoming him in to the roll and wishing him well. I enclose a copy of his email for you to read. I have also email Gary on behalf of all, Thanking him for all his great work over the year as editor.

Good evening,
It’s Neil here. I hope I find you well?
I am certain that you will be aware that I’ve volunteered to take on the editorial role of MASCOT following Gary’s impending retirement from the position following next weeks AGM. I am certain that you will share my hearty thanks to Gary for all his hard work over the years. He has done a fantastic job with MASCOT and I certainly have big shoes to fill.
I am sure that I will get to meet either yourself or MASC members over the coming months. The first opportunity may be the Classic Car Show at the NEC, if you are going. I plan to be there for all three days. Come and say hello to me.
I hope to be able to make a smooth transition during the change from Gary to myself as editor and I know Gary is speaking with Mike Bennett, the webmaster, to have emails redirected to me instead of himself.
My deadline date for submission to the printers for November’s issue of MASC is 26th October. It’s not long! It would be fantastic if you could send material through to me using the ‘’. However, in case the mail hasn’t been redirected to me, can you copy emails into ‘’. This should ensure I don’t miss anything from you.
I’ll be keen to continue Gary’s front cover format of a members Spridget in portrait format and any other snippets, photographs, amusing stories or memories, technical articles, motorsport, trackdays, rebuilds etc etc that you can send me. Everything Spridget related is welcome. It would give me a good kick start to my new position and for which I would be very grateful.
Many thanks,

Neil Thomas
Tel 07891684435

Trip to France 2018

Hi All.

Bernie has asked me to forward on to you all ,  Info on a trip to Circuit Des Ramparts in Angouleme 2018 he has been looking into,


The Circuit Des Ramparts in Angouleme France takes place over the weekend Friday 14th September to Sunday 16th September 2018.

The original idea to do this trip came from Graham and Val Danson, but as Graham is working in the week, I thought I might help out with a bit of research.

The thought is to get into France via the overnight ferry on Monday 10th Sept, motor down to just outside Tours and stay at La Marechalerie with Danny and Patricia on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday on a B&B basis, during which time we could visit some of the Chateaux of the Loire valley.

On Friday 14th drive to Angouleme for the race weekend, then on Monday 17th drive to the West coast for a couple of days, then come home via St Malo.

All this is at the moment just an email to find out who would be interested in doing it, so if you can have a think and let me know at October’s meeting if you fancy it, we can take it from there.

The only fairly urgent thing is booking accomodation in Angouleme as it fills up quickly for race weekend. (Alan Anstead has recommended a place he has used ).

Up to now, definites are Lynne and me and Graham and Val and I think Alan Oakes is up for it.

So, have a think and I’ll see you on the 11th October at the meeting.

Best regards.

Alderford Lake (Dearnford Lake)

Hello everyone.
I have received an invitation from Malcolm (can’t remember his second name) of the TR Register, to attend their October breakfast meet at Alderford Lake (formally called Dearnford Lake) on Sunday 8th October. Lynne and I and a couple of others have done it twice before, and it’s always been pretty good.

It usually consists of a meet at 9am at the lake. There is a cafe where you can purchase breakfast. At about 11am there is a short 30 to 40 mile run to a place of interest. In 2015 it was to Cosford Air Museum, and last year to a small stately home where there was a classic car show.

This time the run is to Blist’s Hill, which is a recreated Victorian town and is one of the open air museums in the Ironbridge gorge. Google it.
Malcolm has negotiated reduced admission for the group. I don’t know by how much, but I suppose he will give us some sort of voucher before we set off from the lake.


We could meet at the Lymm Truck stop for anyone coming from the Northern area and maybe meet up with others going South down the A49. Alternatively you could make your own way to the lake.

Alderford Lake is just South of Whitchurch offf the A41 on the Whitchurch ring road. SY13 3JQ.

We don’t have to book. Just turn up, which is handy if the weather is bad and we don’t want to go.

If you want more info give me a call or text on 07905 412265 or email at

Best regards.


Hi All.

We have a member with some part going, have a look and give him a call if you see anything you need.

Cheers Neil
I have a few spare parts for a 1980 MG Midget 1500. They are free to anyone who wants to pick up some or all of them. If any of your members are interested.
They are:-
Centre console for radio, cig lighter etc. needs light refurb.
Rear light clusters, both sides.Good condition.
Door handles. Good condition.
Boot lid. some surface rust but would renovate OK.
Dash, no instruments or switches. Needs refurb.

Hope this may help someone.
Regards Tony Murray
Contact 07980944312

Club Christmas Lunch 10th December

Hi All .

We have been asked by The Swan With Two  Nicks to give final numbers for our Christmas Lunch on the 10th December and pay the deposit of £5 per person. If you are not already on the list below and would like to join us please let me know  ASAP. reply :

Names to date , Fraser & Leslie, Mike & Karen, Les, Graham & Val, Steve & Pauline , David & Heather Bernie & Lynne Chris & Annette, Ian & Jane, Glenn & Ann, Shelly & I. Total 21.Deposits please have ready by next club night .

Regards Neil